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Sound & Energy Healing and Healing Touch

Sound and energy healing can have a great effect on your well-being and health as well as allowing you to shift deep-seated limiting beliefs and clear traumas. While in session, you will be able to reach a deep meditative state where you can shift stuck energy in your body and clear trauma, reprogram your beliefs, receive intuitive guidance and heal and transform different aspects of your life. During in-person session, I will play some of the singing bowls on your body where they can affect your body more directly. I will use healing touch, applying healing directly to different areas of your body, particularly your chakras, face, hands and feet. I can also guide you on a shamanic healing journey with a guided drumming meditation if this is the work that is being called for. If you are unable to come in person, we can work online over Zoom as long distance healing using intention, sound and energy is highly effective. For most effective results, combine these approaches with intuitive counseling in a Holistic Healing Session.

90 minute sessions:

Individual session: $225

Group of 2: $111 each

Group of 3: $75 each

Group of 4: $55 each

Group of 5: $45 each

Packages of 4 sessions for the price of 3 available (a 25% discount)


Intuitive Transformational Counselling

In our somatic-based counselling therapy, we will explore your current challenges and their links to previous life experiences and/or trauma in order to heal the past and equip you to progress in the present. 

My unique method centers on the release of negative emotions from the mind and body in combination with Richard Hastings' Transformational Work and Dr. Richard Schwartz' Internal Family Systems (IFS). In our sessions, I will help you understand what is happening in your mind that is getting in the way of your optimal functioning by helping you access your different parts that are connected to past events. Together we will work with these parts to figure out what they need to heal and I will guide you using auditory, visual and/or kinesthetic techniques. We will go to the original source of your present-day triggers and clear these, allowing your present-day struggles to shift.

If you wish to combine this with sound and energy work and healing touch and/or shamanic healing methods for an even more powerful healing approach, select a Holistic Healing Session.

$155 for a 60 minute session

$225 for a 90 minute session

Packages of 4 sessions for the price of 3 available (a 25% discount)


Holistic Healing Session

For the most profound results, I enhance my intuitive transformational counselling approach with sound & energy healing and healing touch. Each session is unique and based on your own particular needs and the approach most conducive to your healing. The sound and energy healing and healing touch will serve to both uncover deep issues in your subconscious and heal them while our discussions before and after the sound and energy healing will help us find our focus for the session and integrate what happened afterwards so you can understand the process and continue the work on your own in between sessions. This truly unique integrated method that I have developed personally over years of working with clients addresses your healing on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels to help you transform and heal in the most effective way. Where appropriate I will incorporate Shamanic Healing methods that are complementary to these healing approaches.

Sessions can be held at my studio, in nature (weather permitting) or online.


120 minute sessions for $295

90 minute sessions for $225

Packages of 4 sessions for the price of 3 available (a 25% discount)


Mini-Healing Session

For those who are looking for guidance on one specific issue and would like to try a shorter healing session, this is for you. Depending on your issue and wishes, this could be a guided shamanic drumming session, a chakra and energy clearing or a mini relaxing sound baths. So examples of session themes could be: to get insights into a decision you need to make, to see more clearly where your life is heading, to get more insights into what is blocking you from something. 

30-40 minute session - $85 (multi-session packages available)


Special Ceremonies

For deeper healing work, including uncovering and healing subconscious programming and intergenerational trauma, I offer a variety of ceremonies tailor-made for your particular situation. Ceremonies sometimes take place in your home and other times in nature. Ceremonies typically arise out of the work we do in Holistic Healing Sessions and are designed to complement that work.

Group ceremonies and playing at retreats also available. Please fill out inquiry form to contact me for details.


Sound Healing and Bowen Therapy

In this exciting and unique new offering, I am teaming up with the talented Naturopath and Bowen Therapist, Dr. Maryam Ferdosian (see her bio in my About section), to offer sound and energy healing to clients doing Bowen Therapy. During Bowen Therapy Dr. Maryam presses on a specific combination of points with rest periods in between where she leaves the room and allows the nervous system to reset and the body to heal itself. With the addition of Sound and Energy Healing, I stay in the room for the entire duration of the session, playing my instruments on and off the body and doing energy healing and healing touch to support the healing of the body and energy field. Sound healing is a great complement to Bowen Therapy in that it supports the flow of energy and healing to specific areas, harmonizing different parts and organs, unblocking and releasing stuck energy and rebalancing the system. 

Treatment available at East Van Integrated Health, 407-1750 East 10th Avenue, Vancouver every Saturday.

60 minute session - $225 ($120 for Bowen Therapy and a discounted $105 for Sound Healing)

30 minute session - $140 ($75 Bowen and $65 Sound Healing)

To book your session, call East Van Integrated Health at 604-620-1971 and specify that you are looking for this combination treatment.


Parties and Pop-Up and other Events

Bring your party or event to a new level! I can lead a special sound healing meditation specially tailored to your event needs. I can also offer individual mini-healings for your valuable clients. Price depends on nature and duration of offerings.

Please fill out inquiry form to contact me for details.

Image by Kara Eads

House Energy Clearing

Are you feeling unwell while at home? Do you sense negative energies in certain parts of your home? 

I can come into your home, assess the energetic health of different parts and do a sound and energy healing to cleanse the home. I will also give you strategies for keeping your home energy flowing and repelling negative forces. 

Price depends on size and state of your home and the amount of time needed to clear it. I will come and assess and give you a price and time estimate and proceed if you agree. My regular hourly rate applies. 

Please fill out inquiry form to contact me for details.


Sound Healing for Life Transitions

I love playing for and supporting pregnant women and those with little babes. I have also accompanied clients in hospital and hospice care and played at funerals and memorials. Sound healing can have very profound effects on those newly arrived or soon to be departing. Contact me if you'd like to discuss these offerings further.


Corporate Services

Do you want to create a healthier working environment in your company? I offer a variety of services including lunch-time sound healing meditations, assessments of employee dynamics and team building exercises as well as help with hiring of key team members through analytical and intuitive assessments, drawing on my previous experience in education and project management.

Please fill out contact form for pricing and details.

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