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What is trauma, how does it affect us and ways to heal it.

Trauma is anything that happens to us that is beyond our ability to process in the moment. Our nervous system becomes overwhelmed and stuck and the trauma becomes suppressed and goes partially or fully into our subconscious as well as becoming stuck in our body. The earlier and the longer a traumatic event or situation occurs, the harder it is to heal.

When trauma goes into our subconscious it reprograms it and creates a pathway that can be triggered when a similar thing happens to us again. We then experience a negative emotion (anger, fear, etc.) and go into fight, flight, freeze or fawn. We are then reacting from our primitive brain and not able to access higher cognitive functions. It becomes very difficult for us to be present and resolve the issue. At this time we need to take a step back, reconnect to our bodies and to the present moment, breathe deeply and remind our bodies and our minds that we are safe. Other ways to come out of this triggered state is humming or breathing with a longer out breath than in breath. Once we regain our centered state we can address the issue.

On my YouTube Channel called Healing Journeys, I explore trauma from various points of view, often sharing my own personal experiences of it, and various methods I use and have used to heal myself and others. I hope you find these videos helpful. Feel free to comment and request videos of specific topics.


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